We deliver measurable results that enhance Employee engagement and increase revenue.

Improve Employee Engagement
Improve Employee Engagement
More Productive Teams
More Productive Teams
Improve Company Culture
Improve Company Culture
Lower Turnover
Lower Turnover
Retain Talent
Retain Talent



Organizational Culture Assesments
A customized assessment and feedback process that gives a snapshot of behaviors and conversations that are driving trust or eroding trust in your organization.

Cultural Coherence Training
Using customized tools designed for the specific needs and size of your organization, we will analyze the degree of order, harmony and stability within your organization and create a plan that will improve organizational culture. We help you bridge incoherent cultures to overcome biases, stress and unproductive workflow.

Learning and Development
Maximize the return on investment through enhanced design, development and delivery techniques based on the latest learning and development tools.


Talent assessment and planning

  • Help create and facilitate workforce planning, sucession planning and organizational structure input to achieve business targets and milestones.
  • We help your team to enhance your organization’s recruiting and talent assessment and development efforts to reduce Employee turnover and the number of bad hires.

Employee Experience (EX), design and implementation

  • We Empower your team with proven tools to develop and implement an exceptional talent acquisition process from recruitment to onboarding. A process that encourages building strenght through diversity and inclusion.
  • We will empower, motivate and inspire your team to create an exceptional employee experience. We will assist to Identify, develop and implement People for People strategies that create and foster a high-performance culture based on genuine trust, love and care for your people by your people.

Team Building

  • Build highly functioning diverse teams based on trust, that can take your business to the next level.
  • Build team effectiveness. We help develop and conduct small scale organizational interventions specific to the unique requirements of your organization.
  • P4P offers experiential learning and group adventures that take you outside the classroom mindset into dynamic environments and scenarios that call for adaptive leadership, positive influence, and collaboration.

New Leader Assimilations

Accelerate the time it takes to get new leaders integrated into your organization.


Inspired Leadership Coaching
Some people are natural born leaders who can inspire trust naturally and effectively. But most people who are inspiring leaders have learned through pain, failure and humbling moments. We help leaders develop the knowledge and skills to empower, motivate and inspire through a foundation based on trust, love and care for their people.

Soft Skills
Unfortunately, most people are never trained on communication, listening, and basic workplace skills that enhance their chances of success. We work with leaders to enhance soft skills, to prepare them for improved relationships with colleagues as well as customers. This will ensure customer satisfaction and better company culture.


Our founder Edgar is an expert on Employee Experience and Organizational Culture, Having worked for Fortune 500 companies in the competitive environmental services industries, companies turn to Edgar for tried, tested and true strategies he uses today to build a People 4 People Culture.


1. Value
Edgar will empower, motivate and inspire your team to break down barriers to and embrace change to create a great place to work and deliver great business results. They will go back to your business with new strategies to implement.

2. Customized Content
Edgar delivers content tailored to the specific needs and wants of your organization. He doesn’t have one talk that he uses for all companies. Everything is customized to your challenges and motivations.

3. Master Storytelling
Edgar will use examples and real-life stories to reinforce the message and deliver an engaging talk or workshop. He will have your audience experience high engagement and knowledge retention.

4. High Energy
Edgar brings great energy to the room. He speaks with the conviction backed up with years of experience and knowledge to engage with the audience and give them an amazing experience.

5. His Experience
Edgar brings real work experience and knowledge that applies to start up to Fortune 500 companies.


Sample Keynote Titles:


– People4People Culture: Build a Culture that will delight your employees and customers Admire.

Become an Employee Magnet: Attract and retain Exceptional talent.

– Next Generation Employee Experience (EX): Employee Experience Strategies for 2020 and Beyond



Topics Edgar Speaks About:

– Employee Experience
– Employee Engagement
– Employee Experience
– Organizational Culture & Team Building
– Leadership and talent development.

Workshop Format

Edgar hosts half, one and multi-day workshops on Employee Experience (EX), Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture strategies. The content is 100% customized to your organization’s challenges and motivations. Edgar will visit your city and host a dynamic workshop for your team.




What Will We Learn?

This is a sample of the type of content your organization will learn. Keep in mind, all presentations can be customized to your liking.
People4Peolple Culture How to build and sustain a People focused culture (recruiting, interview structure, onboarding, talent management and development),
– Employee experience design, Employee journey mapping.
– How to build an employee-centric culture.
– Plus, much more



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