“To Empower, motivate and inspire leaders to lead with love and courage create and enhance emotional, spiritual and material wealth to create a better world for all”

I believe motivating, engaging, inspiring and working with people does not have to be a constant battle. It can be fun, rewarding, enjoyable and fulfilling. Words may inspire but only action creates change After spending 18 years in the corporate world (environmental services industry) recruiting, training, and developing employees, I came to a crossroads of what my future would be. My life up to that point had been all about “work” and trying to become “successful.” In this pursuit, I lost myself in it all. Financially, I was doing great (earning 6 figures), but I was working so much that my relationship with my wife and children had diminished. My health was also deteriorating. Like many people, I had an epiphany; an “Aha!” moment, where I saw where I was, and realized I was not happy with myself and who I had allowed myself to become; I made the decision to start my company P4P Consultants to not only make a living, but to make an impact. Throughout my career and personal life, countless number of people have said “Edgar is a natural coach”. I see myself as a mentor. I have mentored hundreds of people over the last 18 years, helping them make significant, positive changes in their lives. In addition, I know how to build, lead and develop teams. I also know how to design, develop and implement processes that support business objectives. I combined these two aspects in my own 18-year career by creating and sustaining a People 4 People culture to create a great place to work and deliver great business results. I am an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Edgar Palacios


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